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doctor jennifer daniel in lab coat
doctor jennifer daniel in lab coat

Jennifer Daniel, DDS

Locations: Highland, AR - Dentist

Highland, Hardy, Arkansas family dentist

Highland and Hardy, Arkansas family dentist Dr. Jennifer Daniel came back to Arkansas to lead the team at Highland Family Dentistry after leaving for a few years to practice in Huntington, West Virginia. She is originally from Newark, Arkansas and is so excited to be back in her home state. She enjoys being a part of the Highland and Hardy communities and considers it a privilege to treat the families in these towns and surrounding communities.

“I am so grateful that my profession is something that I am extremely passionate about. I take joy in being able to provide an environment of care that allows people to smile more.”

When Dr. Daniel was in the 4th grade, a hygienist visited her classroom and from that day forward she was hooked. She began saying I wanted to be a dentist. In college, she went to work for her dentist in the summers and could not imagine being as happy or as fulfilled in any other field. It is truly a passion for her.

Dr. Daniel provides general dentistry services including dental cleanings, teeth whitening, as well as other cosmetic dentistry services, and wisdom teeth extractions. She also has a special interest in dental implants, Dental Sleep Medicine and kid’s dentistry.

Dr. Daniel joined Rock Dental Brands because she loves that it creates an environment that reduces the stress of business ownership while allowing the doctor the freedom to practice as they see fit. She is beyond passionate about her patients and thankful that Rock Dental Brands embraces that.

Dr. Daniel is married to Matt Daniel, a retired college basketball coach. They have two children, Steele and Bret. She enjoys family time, especially being back in Arkansas with extended family. She loves sports and loves watching her children grow and learn in academics and athletics.