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Our Story

Our Story

Rock Family Dental was established by the Rock Dental Brands group to proactively enhance the standard of dental care. Our goal is to make quality care attainable for each and every patient throughout their lifetime. As a group of dentists, who share a common vision for the future of dental care, we understand the importance of providing a dental home to our patients.  We believe a dental home is the ongoing relationship between the dentist and the patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way.

In order to improve oral and overall health, we consistently focus on the relationship with each patient and strive to better our patients’ experiences.  We are a part of the Rock Dental Brands family, which includes Westrock Orthodontics, Leap Kids Pediatric Dental and Impact Oral Surgery. Being linked to a group of  dentists and specialists, who provide multidisciplinary care, creates a greater opportunity for collaborative and thorough diagnosis, treatment planning, and ongoing treatment.

All of our doctors have aligned in order to improve the quality of care that one doctor provides. Our doctors and staff collaborate with each other through peer review and provide a network of specialists available for consultations. Because of the power of this approach, we believe we can provide some of the highest quality dental care available.