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Children’s Dental Health Month

Parents can impact their kids’ oral health at a young age! Teaching your children to practice healthy habits every day can have a positive effect on their future smile.

Did you know that every child should make an appointment for their first dental checkup before they turn 1 year old? Making sure that they see the dentist at a young age can lower their risk of dental disease and serve as extra protection for their smile!

When your child’s baby molars start to emerge around age 2 or 3, you should start flossing their teeth each night. When your child turns 8 years old, they can begin flossing on their own!

The most common disease in kids is dental decay. Did you know that this is 5x more common than asthma? You can help your child avoid dental decay and future cavities by choosing healthy options like water rather than soda or juice.

Get your kids on the smart track by booking their first dental appointment! We’re celebrating Children’s Dental Health Month, and we’d love to see your child for their first dental checkup. Fill out the form below to schedule you or your child’s appointment!

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