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This service is offered at these locations:
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Dental Extractions

Disease and trauma may severely affect your tooth enough that it cannot be repaired with a crown or tooth bonding. This is when an extraction will take place.

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Dental extractions remove damaged teeth to prevent the spread of disease or trauma to surrounding teeth, roots, and gums. A tooth extraction may also be needed due to tooth crowding, typically caused by the existence of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth, or your third molars, get their name because they come with age, usually between the ages of 17-21. Sometimes a person’s mouth is not wide enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, and one or both have to be removed to avoid overcrowding.

Fun Fact: Not everyone gets wisdom teeth. Theories range from genetics and environmental factors that cause them to erupt in some mouths and not in others.

At Rock Family Dental, our dentists will examine your wisdom teeth and the effects they may have on your oral health. If there is pain, infection, tooth decay or gum disease due to the existence of these third molars, we will likely recommend wisdom teeth removal. You may also need them removed if you are going to start orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist will make this recommendation if needed.