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Welcome to Rock Family Dental in Highland, Arkansas! Our team works together like a family to best serve your family.

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I've had many procedures done here and the dentist is very good and experienced taking pride in his work. The staff is great and I've been going to Highland Family Dentistry for a couple of years and they are getting better as time goes on. I would definitely recommend for kids as well. They will help you develop a treatment plan that will work for you and keep you healthy and safe.

Lee B.Highland, AR
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Currently operating as Highland Family Dental in Highland, AR, this location is located on Highway 62-412 just across from the Department of Human Services and First Community Bank.

Highland Family Dental is committed to providing exceptional family dentistry through a variety of different services. The energetic and qualified staff at Highland Family Dental are dedicated to making quality, affordable dental care attainable for each and every patient throughout their lifetime.

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Cleanings & Exams

Help prevent tooth pain, decay and gum disease to keep your mouth healthy.

Dentures & Partials

Quality, affordable dentures help ensure our patients receive the best possible option when replacing teeth.


Dental extractions remove damaged teeth to prevent the spread of disease or trauma to surrounding teeth, roots, and gums.


Crowns strengthen and restore damaged teeth and fill gaps.

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