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Dentures & Partials

Dentures & Partials

Losing all of your teeth can be distressing. It can be frightening. But sometimes it is necessary. It is realistic to say that most people do not make it through their entire lives with all of their teeth in tact! That is why dentures and other similar appliances have been created. Be it through gum disease, tooth injury or tooth decay, or just simply old age, losing your teeth can happen and the replacement of your teeth can offer many benefits. Namely, the ability to chew your food, as well as the benefit to your appearance since your teeth do shape your mouth and facial structure and without them your facial muscles can sag.

Constructing natural, stunning dentures that deliver comfort and function is one of the most difficult tasks in dentistry. It’s not just about replacing missing teeth; it’s also compensating for bone loss and, very often, sunken facial profiles which can prematurely age a patient up to ten years. Careful, calculated consideration of each individual’s anatomy is essential for outstanding results to be gained in this delicate area. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and determine if you have sufficient bone to retain your dentures. An implant supported denture treatment method may be recommended depending on your individual needs and preferences. This method includes three to four strategically placed dental implants that allow your denture incredible stability.

Implant supported dentures provide the added bonus of promoting bone retention, which allows you to stay healthier and appear youthful longer.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is designed to replace one or several missing teeth. You may consider a removable partial denture to replace the missing teeth, if:

  • the remaining teeth are not suitable to support a fixed bridge
  • there is not sufficient bone for implants
  • periodontal disease is present
  • finances are limited

Partial dentures are composed of three different materials. A cast metal base with clasps, pink acrylic gum tissue, and lifelike artificial teeth. The metal clasps are absolutely necessary to hold the partial in place and, depending on the individual circumstances, may or may not be visible when you talk or smile. Their location and design are dictated by the shape and position of your remaining teeth and which missing teeth will be replaced. Your doctor will show you where the clasps will attach. Most of the time, the amount of preparation (drilling) of your natural teeth needed to ensure successful clasp design is minimal. There is often no need for a local anesthetic injection. This is unlike fixed bridgework, which always requires significant tooth reduction for proper design and fit.

A removable partial is bulkier than a bridge and may be difficult to wear initially. You may have to adjust the way you posture your mouth or speak to accommodate this extra bulk which may result in a lisp that is slightly evident when you’re talking with others. Most people acclimate to their new appliance within about a week or so.

At Rock Family Dental, we provide quality, affordable dentures to our patients to ensure that you receive the best possible option for the replacement of your teeth. We know how important teeth are for appearance, speaking and eating and we want you to leave our office feeling confident in all three.

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