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This service is offered at these locations:
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Dental Emergencies

From dislocating your jaw to having a tooth knocked out, dental emergencies are best treated by seeing your dentist as soon as possible.

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At Rock Family Dental, we will always strive to provide emergency dental services during business hours. If an accident occurs after hours, visit your local emergency room.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Chipped or Broken Tooth- Teeth with large fillings can easily break or fracture. Call us as soon as possible to have the tooth evaluated and restored. If the broken tooth is not treated, more serious problems can develop. Broken teeth may or may not be sensitive to air and temperature changes. Sensitivity and pain are not necessarily an indication of how badly the tooth is damaged.

Tooth Knocked Out – In the event a tooth gets knocked out, call us immediately for urgent care. There is a short window of time in which teeth can be replanted and the chances of successfully saving a tooth are much higher when the tooth can be returned to the socket within one hour after the injury. One of our skillful doctors or compassionate staff will make appropriate arrangements for your care and follow these steps until you can be treated:

  1. Avoid touching the root of the tooth and rinse it gently with water to remove dirt.
  2. Do not scrub the tooth or remove any tissue that may still be attached.
  3. If you can, put the clean tooth back into the socket from where it came to keep it moist. This helps maintain the vitality of the tooth.
  4. If your mouth is injured, bloody, or too painful to put the tooth back in its place, wrap it in clean gauze or cloth that has been soaked with either saliva from your mouth or milk. You may also place it in a cup of milk or if milk is not available, place the tooth in a cup of water with a pinch of salt. The goal is to prevent the tooth from drying out.

Dislocated or Locked Jaw – A dislocated or locked jaw can cause significant pain and anxiety. Do not try to force the jaw back into the proper position, pry it open or force it shut in an attempt to fix the problem yourself. Relocating the jaw to the appropriate position and unlocking the jaw should only be performed by a highly trained and experienced professional. The doctors at Rock Family Dental will alleviate your pain and coordinate your care as you heal.

Severe Toothache/Sensitive Teeth – You may be experiencing pain in your tooth for a variety of reasons, including a cracked tooth, abscess, untreated decay or cavities, broken or lost fillings, broken or lost crowns, impacted wisdom teeth and acute sinusitis. No matter the cause, book an appointment with your dentist at Rock Family Dental as soon as possible for an evaluation.

Bitten or Cut Cheek, Lip or Tongue – Apply gentle, yet firm pressure, to the area with a clean cloth, dampened tea bag or sterile gauze, if available. Tea bags offer added benefit as the tannic acid helps to constrict blood vessels or lessen bleeding. Ice may be applied to any bruised or swollen areas. Try to avoid excessive physical activity, raised tempers, and sitting upright as they all increase blood flow to the head. If bleeding does not stop after 15 to 30 minutes of pressure call our office immediately or seek further assistance from your local emergency room.

Swollen Gums – Swollen gum tissue is often a sign of infection which could be caused by a nerve dying within the tooth or periodontal (gum) disease. You may or may not experience pain with the swelling. Make an appointment with your dentist soon for an evaluation.