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doctor mangan in lab coat
doctor mangan in lab coat

Steve Mangan, DDS

Locations: Little Rock, AR - Van Buren St. - Dentist

Mangan Family Dental of Little Rock – Van Buren St.

A Little Rock native since age four, Little Rock dentist, Dr. Steve Mangan of Mangan Family Dental was raised just four blocks from the dental office he practices in. In fact, he chose his current practice location because he loved the feel of his old neighborhood. That love for being around family and friends shapes the feel of the office even today. When you come to his office as a patient, expect to be treated as a friend.

“I get to help people achieve the smile they always wanted. It’s very gratifying to hear my patients express their satisfaction and relief that we did a good job and kept them comfortable throughout treatment.”

Dr. Mangan provides family dental services such as teeth whitening, tooth extractions, root canal therapy and dentures with special interests in cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental implants, sedation dentistry, dental surgical services, InvisalignBotox® and the diagnosis and treatment planning of complex cases.

One of the things that shapes his outlook on life is that he’s been on 20 foreign mission trips. It helps keep life’s wants and needs in perspective when you work with people who have little to no material possessions. Their lives are just as important as anyone else’s, and they have the same love for family and friends as the most affluent. They may be poor by monetary standards, yet they can be rich in love, friendships, and dedication to family. Another thing that his family and friends say about him is that he can fix almost anything. He enjoys figuring out how things work, and when something can be made right it makes him happy!

Dr. Mangan is married to Robin Harrison Mangan. He has four children. His personal hobbies include guitar playing, bicycling, cooking, reading, travel, golf and camping.