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Little Rock, AR – Chenal – Dentist

12018 Chenal Parkway
Little Rock, AR 72211

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Rock Family Dental of Little Rock, Arkansas

We are excited to announce that effective May 11th, 2020 our clinic will be reopening. You can find more information regarding clinic openings in addition to how we plan to keep you safe during this time.

Rock Family Dental in Little Rock, AR is located on Chenal Parkway, just across the road from Freddy’s Steakburgers and Sam’s Club. General Dentist, Dr. Edward Passini is committed to providing exceptional family dentistry through a variety of different services. The energetic and qualified staff at Rock Family Dental are dedicated to making quality, affordable dental care attainable for each and every patient throughout their lifetime. 

We are in-network with a wide variety of providers and accept most insurances. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, or if we are in-network with your provider, call us and we would be more than happy to assist you!

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Meet Our Staff

stephanie smith headshot

Stephanie Smith

Ortho Team Leader Fun Facts:

Loves her husband Britt and 3 kids. Loves Food Network. Traveler.

tamberly cross headshot

Tamberly Cross

Team Leader Fun Facts:

Mother of a 15 year old son. Loves going to church. Loves to cook.

nita sumler headshot

Nita Sumler

TMJ Assistant Fun Facts:

Loves spending time with her husband and sons, riding horses and outdoors.

carrie jones headshot

Carrie Jones

Team Leader Fun Facts:

Loves to go hunting, fishing, and eating out. Dream is to win the lottery.

jorgi hess headshot

Jorgi Hess

Dental Assistant Fun Facts:

Mom to daughter, Maddi. Loves playing with puppy, Kayla. Loves people.

Brittany Chambers headshot

Brittany Chambers

Dental Assistant Fun Facts:

Loves her two little girls. Car enthusiast. Gypsy at heart.

chris russell headshot

Chris Russell

Orthodontics Assistant Fun Facts:

Former correction officer. Afraid of ocean. Has broke 7 bones.

Gabrielle Clark headshot

Gabrielle Clark

TMJ Assistant Fun Facts:

Loves spending time with her husband Tyler, playing with her stepson & lab.

samantha sanders headshot

Samantha Sanders

Dental Assistant Fun Facts:

Mother of twins. Nap addict. Dog lover.

Cassie Alderman headshot

Cassie Alderman

TMJ Assistant Fun Facts:

Loves her husband and son. Enjoys books, camping, and boating at the lake.

heather harwell headshot

Heather Harwell

Dental Hygienist Fun Facts:

Football fanatic. Mom of two. Travel enthusiast.

joanna helm headshot

Joanna Helm

Dental Hygienist Fun Facts:

Loves Catan marathons with her husband. Loves to snuggle her cats and read.

Randi Runions headshot

Randi Runions

Scheduling Coordinator Fun Facts:

Loves her husband and kids. Enjoys shopping, reading, and traveling.

david howell headshot

David Howell

Lab Technician Fun Facts:

Loves to spend time with his wife and kids at the beach or skiing in CO.

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